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When the bustling and cheering of the new year ended, it will be very soon Chinese New Year comes dashing in style. Songs of CNY will be out-LOUD enticing everyone who are celebrating this festive season to be in an upbeat mood for all brightly red ... Read the Post...

FIRST Blog of the Year

Isn't it good feeling it? - at the struck of midnight from 31122020 to 01012021? The all new, the start of date 01012021 that will run through in perfect alignment in any plain space on a paper, on a journal, on a typing space. Anything that can be ... Read the Post...


A Brand new season for CICI and it sure gets a-Alot of attention with this Suede ALLEXE. Many says that it could be for work or a busy business woman type of style. We reckon that it could be yours to style with confidence, revamp that ... Read the Post...

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